Green Leaf Doors


Our doors are distinctive, elegant, modern and built right here in the US from durable and eco-friendly bamboo and agrifiber wheat core.

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable material because of its natural properties and because of how it is harvested. Technically a grass, it is one of the world’s fastest-growing plants. Bamboo stalks grow and regrow off of a central root system so harvesting entails little more than trimming back the stalks close to the ground without actually disturbing the soil. For these reasons it is a material that we can use while remaining true to our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Agrifiber is also an environmentally conscientious material that can be used for many construction applications. It is a composite product made from agricultural waste including straw, nutshells, and prunings and pressed together with natural resins to create the perfect light yet sturdy core for our doors.

We offer a variety of both modern and more traditional design options including flush, stile and rail, and French formats. Design details on our designer doors can be made from locally-sourced poplar or recycled metal. Please see our custom door shop’s website for more details.

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